In 1951, a young soldier did a sensational northwest of things, saved the life of the whole army

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In the high-altitude no man's land, living on wild ass bison to feed their families, plus the salt off, exacerbated by altitude sickness directly cause death, just less than eight months into northern Tibet advance even 136 people, nearly half the expense of the soldiers.

troops in the Tibetan plateau, there are two major difficulties. First, altitude sickness; the second is the food. For food, liberated Tibet and Xinjiang, the two sides of the military, the diligence prehistoric.

out of food, but also out of food! In the high-altitude no man's land, living on wild ass bison to feed their families, plus the salt off, exacerbated by altitude sickness directly cause death, just less than eight months into northern Tibet advance even 136 people, nearly half the expense of the soldiers. Advance company is the first casualty Barre Shoko, the able-bodied, attached to the bow to pull off two hard contest when Mongolian warriors and Tibetans, swollen legs, still hunting for the company, the end result of physical strength after the fall freeze to death in the snow line. Then, one after another fallen soldier advance company, after receiving the report, the wrath of the king: at all costs, they should also send food to go; the Deputy Prime Minister anxious: Wang with a silver beard, after the first branch reported; the emotion Prime Minister: Our work is not done good; Chairman tears: heroes!

 1951 years a little soldier did a sensational northwest of things, saved the life of the whole army of

camel convoys

just to eat on a food company, Hotan Prefecture expropriated tens of thousands of yak donkey horse, but most are dead in the ice Osaka. Local officials say, to this end Wada crippled.

1951 Nian Ali liberation, the biggest problem faced by troops or without food, frequent emergency Ali cavalry detachment, Captains An Zhiming last resort, under the order to kill the horse. If it were to the last moment, how can the cavalry willing to start to silence his comrades. Seeing the army must be starved to death, the critical moment, a little soldier to come forward, then did a sensational thing northwest, northwest of troops army known.

small war Shigong Paul Qinghai Tibetan, due to family poverty, abandoned by parents since childhood, did little lama. 1949 wandering onto the PLA Lanzhou position, is shelter troops, after they followed the troops into Xinjiang. Wang Zhen commander personally asked him a meal, let him go to advance company as a translator.

Then seeing his comrades hungry fell to the ground unconscious, tribute Paul could not resist, he took off his military uniform put on a robe, said before leaving for Tibetan companion :. "If I do not come back tomorrow, you let people go head to my company commander corpses but do not snitch in advance, otherwise, you and I put together Bidiao headman"

headman tried to stop the PLA and is close to the bottom of Tibetan troops out of ten times the price does not sell food, you want to see the joke cavalry detachment:" Chairman Mao is not to say you do not eat where Well, If I sell you food, this way, you make mistakes Yeah, you have a silver dollar, silver dollar to go back to cooking to eat Well "

 1951 years a little soldier did a sensational northwest of things, saved the whole Army life

is a tribute Paul i.e. rightmost

Gong Bao rage, pulled out a pistol resisted the headman, the headman surrounded by many hands, the twisted headman to go out. Halfway, the company commander also was looking for him, a tribute see Paul tied the headman, terrified, gave up two hand Gong Bao, Bao Gong cursed serious breach of discipline through a disaster. Headman do not understand, Paul tribute to the People's Liberation Army to buy food, why insurance company commander also play tribute, tribute insurance company commander asked what to say.

tribute insured must answer: he scolded why I differ shoot you, come back so late.

headman was almost fainting in the past, the company commander headman please sit down and talk, to explain the headman of the PLA policy and practical difficulties, please head people to help. They made up their tribute to Paul who did not understand who then translated to the company commander, and all those impertinent remarks; translation to the headman, repeated on a meaning: the company commander said, or kill you.

As a result, the spot chiefs expressed their willingness to set a written agreement, the PLA took the initiative to sell grain, and only this one, Paul tribute to actually translated.

Gong Bao down on the back of a severe punishment, then under anger, detachment on the part of his trouble, big leaders asked: are starving, how do you not give me punishment? You who are full conscience gone? Detachment had transferred him to the most remote to the company, to dispose of things will let the matter rest.

 1951 years a little soldier did a sensational northwest of things, saved the life of the whole army of

Ali cavalry detachment even 1

army did not move forage ahead, the Xinjiang-Tibet plateau in special circumstances, just upside down, all troops advanced in the rear and then the full protection, Ali liberation when, 310,000 square kilometers of high altitude alpine area, herders little grain. Only the top people have access to food, these are bought from the hands of Indian businessmen, the army grow barley is later thing. After crossing the line Sanju Daban camel shipped to Ali on earth from the opening of Xinjiang skin Hill, this unique support line took nearly seven years, coming in at an annual transportation of mountains, 3000 camels round trip to two months. Every camel shipment date, border officers Ritu's greatest hope is to see long caravans Pangong lake in the telescope.

Paul participated in the tribute even advance into Tibet, Ali set up card, Tibet insurgency, of Indian self-defense war and post-war border construction, legs bear the wounds of war on Ali's side situation, social conditions and very familiar. When Tibet insurgency, Paul was offering a reward of Tibet tribute rebels expensive, survived several assassination. Later he served as deputy commander of Military Ali, known as Lama commander. Gong Bao Ali frontiers full 47 years, which is a record high altitude military service. Military leaders had told him that the plateau for so many years, the mainland big cities you just pick it, we give you arrangements. Gong Bao not, retired after living in Lhasa. After his death, according to his dead comrades and to be together wills, Shiquanhe buried in the martyrs' cemetery.

bad-Tibet plateau climate, and the Tibetan Plateau as cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, altitude sickness is a garrison rival. As early as the Han Dynasty, there is a big headache mountain, a small mountain of records headache, after ages of altitude sickness more known quotidian. Even at the beginning of the advance into Tibet, there is no complete understanding of altitude sickness. But altitude sickness would have caused harm, stationed in high altitude environment requires regular rotation, this understanding is very early, so only the Republic of alternating brigade this establishment.

 1951 years a little soldier did a sensational northwest of things, saved the life of the whole army of

in this way, long-term plateau guarding the border guards, everywhere in the western Xinjiang-Tibet border and online security as tribute. Military experts altitude sickness Ding Zhiheng, from the 1950s onwards in the Karakoram and Ali plateau and out, in the highlands spent 43 years. For rounds and collect medical data, the Military camels, carrying a rifle, a year to travel thousands of kilometers, visited every post Karakorum, worn out two camels. Nearly sixty years, also led his unit rushed to the construction site of 5000 m above sea level, the 38 suffering from acute pulmonary edema, cerebral edema, a grab a soldier back from the dead line. Superiors take care of his older, let him down, get down old medic says.

get down, not willing to suffer in the mountains, plateau long life, heart Ding Zhiheng has doubled in size than average, down do not find any reason. But only one reason not down, subject to completion of disease plateau, you can only stay in the mountains.

thirty barracks medical station is a model army medical station, the predecessor of 62 years ago when the Indian operations refers to the medical team, after the war to stay in three ten barracks, not far from the old Kasaitula, as well as burial Kangxiwa martyrs. Karakoram medical station responsible for the entire region and Ali military and civilian health care. The early establishment of the station, the attending physician Ding Zhiheng rescue a soldier suffering from acute pulmonary edema due to lack of medical treatment, no rescue came four days and nights. Ding Zhiheng sad to swear in the tomb: good brother rest in peace, I will not let a second of his comrades and then pour in my arms. From that day on, medic swore this life to overcome altitude sickness problems.

After this generation of surgeons and hard work of the last century seventies, problems to be overcome altitude sickness. Ding Zhiheng also the first to discover the plateau proteinuria, found in the Central African highlands six years earlier than the Americans, but not released to the public in a timely manner, to obtain what academic reputation in the international arena, he did not care, to focus entirely on front-line services for the soldiers serving, summed up 5000 meters above sea level as the initial diagnostic criteria pull pulmonary edema, involved at different altitudes man negative weight approved in the prevention and treatment of altitude sickness is the result of more numerous. Familiar India Strikes Back 62 years of history knows that, when the red hills of the western section of the Sino-Indian border, heat Joan ridge, Moore and other multi-channel battlefield, altitude in 5000 meters.

Ding Zhiheng through extensive analysis of research data, to keep the anti-life at high altitudes has been demonstrated to provide a scientific basis for the development of standards for anti-defensive forces. Highly corresponding elevation in different years, but traditional anti extensive Guadai keep way into the scientific and systematic. Alone, the great significance of the health of border officers.

Today's border troops and equipment conditions, already has undergone enormous changes, but can not forget that this is the result of generations of hard to pay. Frontiers hardships, only it true, that makes future generations reverence. And if the theory contribution, regardless of the size of the border or pay huge building, will depend on the people's army, see seventy year.

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