Election countdown 10 days, the Trump "China" and "Biden" attack scrape together the two rivals

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In this case, since basically no card to play, the US president and Republican anti-China efforts are also growing. For now, the United States in the election affairs, Trump's team has to focus used in the attack, "Biden ties with China", the attempt to complete the final Bo;

left Trump running out of time!

now only from the US presidential election date the next ten days, the Washington times November 3, political career and even personal fate will be decided Trump polling stations electoral College. In this case, since basically no card to play, the US president and Republican anti-China efforts are also growing.

 election countdown 10 days, the Trump

For now, the United States in the election affairs, Trump's team has to focus used in the attack" on Biden ties with China ", trying to finish the last blog; and in the response to international affairs, the China launched a three-pronged approach shot on the counter.

First, at the diplomatic level, the United States continues to strengthen relations with allies. In addition to the "four-party talks" with India, Japan and Australia, to build the Asia-Pacific outside of NATO, Meifang Zhang Ai Sipo more directly declared: The United States and its allies experienced the "baptism of war and shared sacrifice," trying to draw States to confront China camp.

 election countdown 10 days, the Trump

on the surface, the US remark right, on the number of allies, the United States does have capital; Western countries and the United States have stood together, won the Cold War. Under today's international situation may, these allies will follow suit no brain, regardless of their own interests to blindly follow the US? This is obviously unrealistic.

made from Trump the point of view is, so-called allies can take advantage of all the pieces - all is well when needed, the shared values, common interest orientation boast very beautiful and noble, but when faced with a real challenge, but once staged a "flying in trouble "opera. So allies, what value and friendship at all?

 election countdown 10 days, the Trump

Prior to the issue of whether to continue sanctions against Iran, the US and core European allies have been falling out twice, Britain, France and Germany have been evident dissatisfaction. And in the United Nations General Assembly, nearly 100 countries to the United States cast a negative vote, a great wall push everyone down posture. Under such a situation, American politicians still talk about values ​​ally, full of the taste of self-deception.

At the same time, the first global epidemic two waves swept again, America's allies are trapped, the United States is not only indifferent, but also to push their anti-China front line as cannon fodder in the American game, he has great harm and the gradual disintegration of vulnerable among them the alliance, to continue selfishness, unscrupulousness, I am afraid the United States are unable to retain an ally.

 election countdown 10 days, the Trump

Secondly, in order to facilitate the means of containment towards China, the United States also shot from a policy and legal aspects. Recently, the US House of Representatives' China Working Group "breath packed 137, aimed at a comprehensive bill to deal with China threat. Anti Pioneer Rubio again best performances, together with Sen. Mo Keli , proposed a" Taiwan relations Enhancement Act. "

The bill China "compressed ", there are seven involving sensitive Taiwan issue, including the call for a regular arms sales to support Taiwan to enter the international organization" Taiwan guarantee Act, "" Taiwan defense Act, "and so on, also intends identity in Taiwan on behalf of the upgrade, close to the quasi ambassadorial level, as well as the absorption of Taiwan to participate in military exercises.

 election countdown 10 days, the Trump

Since diplomatic and legal aspects of the start, the United States naturally, will not abandon the use of military means their usual. The third aspect, the United States from a military level under the black hand of China.

Recently, the US Navy, "Mackay Well, "destroyer and the sea of ​​Japan from the Royal Australian Navy forces, launched this year, the fifth joint military exercises at sea. The "Reagan" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the motor cover in the surrounding waters. It is noteworthy that, "Ronald Reagan" would have been out front to the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf plan to go to cruise, but a sudden 180 degree turn, and returned to the South China Sea through the Strait of Malacca, appears in the coastal waters of the Philippines standby.

Some analysts believe that the United States might be the situation in the Taiwan Strait recently had a premonition or a mutation, so Jitiao Reagan back on defense, deterrence mission to assist the implementation of the seventh fleet, the US does not exclude the possibility of walking a fine line or hinder the action of the PLA.

 election countdown 10 days, the Trump

and we just need to be clear, and the United States move in different diplomatic and policy level, to deal with the United States in military action level, China is more confident.

in the US Navy announced that the US-Japan Meanwhile Australia joint military exercises, China released a Reagan aircraft carrier in the South China Sea navigation satellite photos, those unmistakable warning, the US hawks have unnatural politicians and senior US military, the Chinese armed forces have sufficient strength and firm confidence to complete their historic mission, no matter what tricks resorted to the United States to win over allies, how much, how much the aircraft carrier, dare cross the red line, China will fight in the end.