Early voting Trump himself Biden force "swing state" Pennsylvania

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The same day, Trump also fought in the southern United States, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin Midwest marathon held campaign rallies, the epidemic continues to play down the threat in his speech, citing his own experiences and his wife Melania Antonia infected with the new virus crown, tried to explain this has led to more than 22 million Americans died of the virus is not so bad.

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, October 24 - (Reporter Xu Jianmei grandson Ding Deng cents to) the 24th US President Election Day (November 3) on the 10th day countdown to seek re-election of US President Trump Lake Manor location in the sea the same day - vote the southeastern United states, Florida, palm Beach County. Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden focused on the day to force the key "swing states" in Pennsylvania.

Trump said after the vote: "I voted for a man named Trump." The same day, Trump also fought in the southern United States, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin held the Midwest marathon campaign rally, in a speech to continue to play down the threat of the epidemic, citing the experience he and his wife Melania Antonia infected with the new virus crown, tried to explain this virus has caused the death of more than 22 million Americans are not so bad. He also claimed that, as the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden elected, will lead the US Great Depression, try to turn against the two men portrayed as "a choice between prosperity and the blockade." Trump evening return to the White House, on the 25th will also travel to the northeastern United States New Hampshire campaign.

Biden held the same day in a row and two in the Philadelphia suburb northeast of Luzerne County, "drive-in" campaign rally, Pennsylvania is committed to protecting people's jobs, citing the United States on the 23rd new confirmed cases of more than 80,000 data, severely criticized Trump outbreak response measures. Former US President Barack Obama on the day of Biden electioneering in Miami, Florida, severely criticized Trump spread conspiracy theories on social media and false information.

Burns, vice president voted in his hometown of Indiana 23. Burns spokesman announced on the 24th, Director of the Office of Mark Short Burns confirmed infected with the new virus crown. Burns couple day crown new test results were negative, Burns will continue his campaign trip.

In recent days, many people in the United States long lines to vote early. "The US elections project" tracking statistics show that as of the evening of 24, more than 57.41 million US voters have voted, representing 41.7% of the total 2016 general election voters. 538 Web site poll analysis predicted that this year's US presidential election voters will reach about 154 million, while the 2016 election was 137 million.

US election is also a considerable extent "burn the game." According to the "advertising analysis," the company data, in the October general election sprint stage, Biden's campaign team during the week from 16 to 23 years to spend $ 54.3 million on television and radio advertising, Trump campaign team put in about $ 21 million and TV radio advertising.

Trump and Biden to run around in the occasion of the election, on Capitol Hill in Washington, serious differences between the Republican and Democratic senators on the 24th around Trump nomination of Supreme Court Justice candidate for Pakistan Leiter had a "difficult debate." The Senate will continue around 25 justices appointed to debate and vote will be held in the hospital 26, it is widely expected the Republicans have enough votes to ensure that the nomination was adopted.

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Source: Xinhua News Agency