Daughter wants a brother, Dad's big belly is "sent to the hopes", mother: Children cheering

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The second child of the wind now blowing more fierce, many families under the influence of national policy, are thought to have two fetal movement, of course, there are many families reluctant to the idea of ​​big treasure home, fearing a second child make big treasure unhappy.

Today's Topic: You thought about it, the siblings have to pay attention to education.

Now the second child of the wind blowing more fierce, many families under the influence of national policy, are to have two fetal movement of the mind, of course, there is the idea that many families think twice at home Dabao, fearing a second child will let the big treasure unhappy.

But there are also many families, the big treasure simply do not care about a brother and sister, but also joined the "birth of a second child," the army, every day, sticking with Mom and Dad want younger siblings when playmates, trouble out interesting The story either.

 daughter wanted a brother, dad's belly is

daughter always wanted a brother, father's beer belly was a child," high hopes "

one users to upload their own baby daughter was "second child birth" experience. Mr. Chen's daughter fruit, seeing a lot of kindergarten partner at home, have little brother and little sister, and she thought it was fun, every day, talking about Mom and Dad want to give birth to their own brother, accompanied his play together.

Interestingly, Mr. Chen because perennial need to drink to socialize, middle-aged people to keep out a big "beer belly" , which can be had fruit like daughter, she mistook his father's pregnant belly is the performance every day of my father being, often holding his father's belly and hold and pro, this time more carefully asked my father: "? it is the younger brother"

daughter wants brother, dad's belly is

watch father's belly is the daughter of "high hopes" , the mother next to laugh and cry, sigh: "the baby his father, you refuel ah, the family two children depend on you." and friends after seeing this interesting picture, have also commented: Po dad arduous task ah!


Really there is such an angel daughter, Chen wanted a second child, then basically nothing hinder , but the idea of ​​a second child for the children is quite naive, really you need a second child when the parents themselves.

 daughter wanted a brother, dad's belly is

If the fruit really got his wish to have a younger brother, siblings such combinations a second child, the parents in the process of education, but also not break the taboo Oh.

Baoma little knowledge Time: parents in the education "siblings combination", these words can not say

1. you are my sister, let his brother, helping his brother

parents, sister and brother are the crystallization of love, is a continuation of the seeds of the whole family down, and there is nothing between them different, also deserve the same care and love.

 daughter wanted a brother, dad's belly is

but there are some parents prefer to use the identity of pressure on people, always said," you are my sister, let his brother, helping his brother. "Over time so deep in two a child's heart, easy for her sister to their parents produce unfair complaint, there are too easy for this man to play the younger brother, is too dependent on their parents and sister.

2. After his brother's entire family are

siblings combination hearts of many families, the ideal combination of a second child, carefully held in the end then, when I am afraid there are some selfish parents, sister just feel generally more sensible, can help take care of his brother.

There are family, little sister let eat when let through, big time so my sister money, material, and often the "whole family after his brother is" The words hung in the mouth side, how could it not when my sister chilling?

 daughter wanted a brother, dad's belly is

they had also should be holding in the palm of the little princess, hit for no reason on this language , the passage of time will inevitably lead to family contradictions, the parents had good ideas, but nothing is futile.

3. Girl reading so many books what's the use, the last is not to be married

Many parents always have a misconception, as if a small child when, say parents do not understand, naturally, will not hurt the language, so to speak on the matter regardless. In today's environment, many parents feel from the heart , the girl eventually married sooner or later, and not their own lives together.

 daughter wanted a brother, dad's belly is

even the fact that, even if the parents heart really think so, do not say it in front of her daughter, both parents determined to express this or unintentional, He will become a burden on the hearts of her daughter, so that their parents questioned their love, affected emotionally, ultimately hurt feelings or daughter and parents.

warmth Message: child is small, but for emotional perception has matured, parents do not because of momentary loose tongue, and ultimately hurt the mutual affection between parents and children.

Q a daily : Your family has a second child do? What is it a combination?