To the pit row - China Life annuity Xin Yao East

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Customers are very unappreciative, recently many customers have called to inquire about this product, urgent tone, feel met a good product, and is the limit, do not buy, then you can not buy.

pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity

China life recently hit the opener in full swing, the East Xin Yao this product advertising has hit the CCTV went, high style can not say no. Customers are very unappreciative, recently many customers have called to inquire about this product, urgent tone, feel met a good product, and is the limit, do not buy, then you can not buy.

However, I feel that many customers may not really figure out what this product is for real return of the product, there are some misunderstandings. Today I would like to say a few simple questions, if you know, and think it is acceptable, go to the insured is not urgent. Please be assured that 2021 opener the best is yet to come, really do not worry too much.

The first question: Yao Xin East this product revenue up 5.1%?

If the sales promotion of the goods return is 5.1%, it is still a bit of conscience, there are people actually write (15.3%), see figure below:

 pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity

" empty account 5.1% live, bis arrival rate 10.2%, to give an additional 5.2%, i.e. 15.3%. "is this What Sao operation? Dare wantonly forward in the circle of friends, is Fish Leong gave you courage?

So, 5.1% in the end what is?

Yao Xin is and Eastern annuity with with universal account, called "Xin Bao respect for life insurance" (universal type), it is divided into three versions, the highest celebration version, for example, to pay 10 million cases of investment, the current account actual settlement rates does reach 5% annual interest rate, the official website can query:

pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity

Note that the actual settlement rate does not equal the future settlement rate, than the contracted minimum guarantee interest rate part is not guaranteed, but security at the end of the universal account the interest rate is 2.5%, which is stated in the terms.

 pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity

so , 5.1% interest rate is the recent settlement with the East Xin Yao universal account, it does not represent the actual return of this product can reach 5.1%.

2, the actual earnings Xin Yao East in the end how much is it?

their real income is uncertain. Because this product is a combination of everything plus annuity, annuity insurance where the return is fixed, so the level of return that can be calculated, but universal account more than 2.5% guaranteed return part is uncertain, so we can not determine the combination of real earnings in the end is how much, in accordance with regulatory requirements, the account can only be demonstrated in accordance with universal high, medium and low grades, not only to client presentations mid-range or high-end earnings.

We first look into the East Xin Yao annuity and receive situation. For example: 30-year-old insurance, to pay 10 million a year, pay for three years, to pay a total of 300,000. Annuity is to receive a:

35-39 years of age, can receive 60,000 per year, 40 years of age to receive full gold 33,890 yuan, to receive total 334,000. Which yields the following:

 pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity

on the age of 10 was only 1.72% IRR annuities, data very ugly, if this alone sell annuity, estimated sell. So, here the focus (selling point) to the - annual annuity into a universal account, assume universal account has been maintained at the level of 5.1%, the first 11 years, 21 years, 31-year internal rate of return is as follows:

 pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity

pretty good. If Universal can account has been maintained at 5.1%, income level after two or three decades to tell the truth, is good, but can it? do not know. I think if you go to an insurance company or salesman, no one to write you this guarantee. Let's follow minimum guarantee of 2.5% is estimated at:

 pit row came - China Life insurance Xin Yao East annuity

appalling, of course, I believe that China life's earnings universal account, if not decades has been maintain 5%, but that does not mean all of a sudden fell 2.5%. So, We can only say that 30 years is certainly true IRR of more than 2.31%, but can not say, three decades of IRR will be able to reach 4.38%. I believe the salesman when selling products with customers that if so, I'm afraid not sell, just like the beginning of the article copywriting circle of friends, there is no insurance proceeds in accordance with the actual settlement and earnings respectively to customer presentations, and even of insurance proceeds avoided.

3, since earnings universal account is likely to reach 5%, directly put money in the universal account can not I?

If earnings universal account can be sustained 4-5%, according to the current level of interest rates is very good , so why should we buy a pension insurance, do not just buy a universal account like?

The answer I think that no matter point out, a little half a brain can guess to an account of such a high income, unconditionally alone sell you, there is such a good thing? Simple and universal account with few protections and property, is purely financial function, after all, insurance companies and banks are not doing the same thing.

The customers buy this product, you are directed to the financial , no matter what the fundamental function guarantee insurance, another job gains enough line. But the simple annuity advantageous over five years to return, the return ratio is also limited, short-term gains does not look good, can only add a universal accounts to attract customers.

If the universal account can be added to the premium unconditional, such as China Life this respect Xin universal universal insurance account, the current settlement gains of 5% points above, additional direct customer benefits must be maximized. But since you certainly can not sell a single universal account, you must buy a tasteless pension insurance, in order to get the respect Xin Bao Celebration Edition universal accounts in more than 100,000 have to pay premiums (the specific policies may in different parts of China Life organization different requirements). Supplementary premiums is limited, additional funding universal account can not exceed the first phase of the premiums we charge an additional fee to receive, such as this statue Xin Bao universal account:

 pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity

the initial cost is the sum of your money each, whether it is returned or additional annuity, just go to universal account They should be charged. If you are directly added to the universal accounts, the initial fee deducted 3%, for example, an additional 10,000 into the universal account is 9700. If it is returned into the universal pension account, to be deducted 1%.

There is also a collection fee of:

pit row came - China Life insurance Xin Yao East annuity

Alto fee to receive the first five years respectively 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%. In other words, even if the account is added to the universal direct premiums, partially due to the initial fee and receive a fee, you can not return the actual hand reaches settlement proceeds universal account.

China Life agents propaganda, Big Brother China as China Life Insurance, investment capacity is very strong, investment income is guaranteed. Is it really?

In the short term, Xin Jamo celebration version a few months of gains down 4.9%:

 pit row came - China Life insurance Xin Yao East annuity

4.9% also further Row. However, ten years ago, China Life gains a universal account was as high as 6%, but then all the way down to the current 3.7%:

pit row came - China Life insurance Xin Yao East annuity

Why is this so? Why would a company universal accounts, there are high, some low, sometimes high, sometimes low? Have to say, this is a routine. Insurance companies want high when it is high, to low when it is low.

If insurance companies now sell an annuity, do take the child's this account is the key to universal, universal data account to be beautiful, so the recent gains this universal account will high. If a long time, the product sale, high or low is not so important, and this time can be reduced.

So, look forward to a universal account that time has remained pretty Marketing income level, just a nice wish nothing more.

This is why regulatory requirements, paired with universal annuity accounts must reasons for low grades in high school earnings presentation, you were pretty avoid misleading data, after all, only the insurance proceeds is legal protection.

4, my recommendation

If you want to buy a three-year, five-year short-term financial products, and want the flexibility of funding, please go left to the next bank. However well-intentioned reminder, bank financing is not hundred percent safe, as bank commission agencies, financial products are no longer guaranteed security interest of the consignment, in a word, investment risk, investors must be careful.

As a consumer, to do:

first, risk awareness, risk adequately identify the product. poor risk-bearing ability of the customer to select a cautious type (R1), low Steady (R2) risk level of the product.

second, choose the strength, fly institutions. In general, large banks, especially state-owned banks more solid strength, more professional, risk-resisting ability is also very strong. Ordinary people recommended to select a large bank of financial products.

third, enhance learning, improve their financial professional level. Do not listen to people say, we also have to see more to learn, so as to avoid being taken. To make the rational allocation of household assets, is simply not eggs in one basket. While diversification, to ensure the safety and liquidity of funds. If the family income on this low for higher liquidity requirements assets, do not recommend buying long-term financial products.

investment Insurance is mainly a long-term investment, it is safe, healthy, able to cross the economic cycle, is a very good asset allocation tool. In the old-age security, property inheritance, child education, insurance plays an irreplaceable role. Currently, there are many insurance products not only take into account a certain income level, but also to meet the future needs of our flexible use of funds. in the next article, we will continue to introduce to you.

Our today's article is not to criticize the country life of this product, only but we hate the sales practices of customer deception and misleading, exaggerated income, the insurance product itself twisted values ​​and functions, in fact, the industry overdraft trust. As a customer, please keep their eyes open, careful discretion resolution, avoid off the wagon. Truly professional, responsible salesman, but would you tell the truth.

 pit row to the - Yao Xin East China Life annuity