"Legless" Mom gave birth to test tube twins, now five years past, how the status of a person?

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Sincere love is the mother of this world, my mother go through nine months of pregnancy, giving birth to a child, all his care are on the child's body. This weak woman, just as the mother, the children, the mother may even give their lives, among them a great mother, because no legs, his life may not be a mother, but she did not want to have this regret.

"There is only a good mother, no mother of the child as blades of grass, mother of the child is a treasure"

The world the sincere love is the mother, the mother experienced nine months of pregnancy, giving birth to a child, all his care are on the child's body.

They say a woman's life will go through several processes, from a little girl grow up to be parents holding in the palm of a slim young lady, and then get married, then became a great mother.

this weak, just as the mother, the children, the mother may even give their lives, among them a great mother, because no legs, his life may not be mother, but she did not want to have this regret.

despite family opposition, insist birth to twins, she is Lu Juan, now 6 years in the past, how the life of "legless mother" and a pair of twins?


every mother is great when the children cry when the first sound of her mother, I believe that every mother's heart will be very excited, accompany the children grow up day by day, the hearts will be a great sense of accomplishment.

Before a video on the social platform is widely circulated, a "legless mother," the story is well-known friends.

" legless mother "Lu Juan was born in a very happy and harmonious home, parents are very loving, Lu Juan is the only child at home, parents put all his love for the Lu Juan's body.

Lu Juan grew up is in a loving family growing up, and their conditions are very good, can be said to have a better future, but did not think there was a accident broke so beautiful.

we never know what tomorrow and the unexpected arrival of the first, one day Lu Juan, and as usual, walking down the street, but suddenly a fast car coming to Lu Juan, Lu Juan was too late to escape.

After the accident, Lu Juan was rushed to the hospital, first time parents quickly rushed to the hospital, the doctor's remarks after the rescue, Juan Lu saved his life.

But very unfortunately, due to a car accident rolled legs too serious, so it is necessary to bear the pain of losing both legs, no legs after learning the mother, very sad Lu Juan rest of his life.


this is a bolt from the blue for Juan Lu, but Lu Juan hearts understand that this is a irreparable fact that he can only try to accept it.

At the beginning, Lu Juan's life can not take care of themselves, are in the care of her mother, then returned home, Lu Juan began his learning to take care of themselves.

always maintained an optimistic and positive attitude towards life, Lu Juan believes even if they lost both legs, you can also achieve different life values.

Lu Juan was so optimistic live, to the ignorant age, everyone's hearts are eager for a sincere feeling, Lu Juan is no exception.

On the social platform Lu Juan met a man, they talk very congenial, Juan Lu told about her experience, this man, he expressed sympathy for the decision in front of the woman is very great . After

They developed into a romantic relationship, do not care about the physical condition of Lu Juan, the two get married, marriage is very happy.

now Lvjuan Sheng live with normal people without any distinction, with a happy family, the only regret is not a cute baby, since married, Lu Juan on always wanted to have a baby.

After the husband and considering Lu Juan's body, her husband is not very supportive, but see Lu Juan heart's insistence, her husband or compromise, after they went to hospital for a comprehensive examination.


because Lu Juan belongs to a paraplegic, so pregnant need to take great risks, but can not normal pregnancy, but very Lu Juan's insistence that want to become mothers.

family repeatedly discouraged, Lu Juan is still very stick, then to the hospital for a test-tube baby, after several attempts, and Lu Juan was finally pregnant.

During this pregnancy, Lu Juan very carefully, but still more than the ordinary pregnant women to bear the pain, but Lu Juan did not regret his decision.

suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy, stretch marks and so painful, Lu Juan husband knew the hard work every day as long as the idle time in the guard Lu Juan side.

Lu Juan that he would become a mother of two, the heart is very excited, Lu Juan is not nine months of pregnancy, premature in the first seven months of the time.

after the time taken to the delivery room, her husband is very anxious outside the operating room, Lu Juan was lucky, successfully gave birth to a pair of lovely twins, her husband hanging in the heart can be considered put down.


looking at a pair of lovely twins, Lu Juan feeling before suffering is worth it, when finally completed mother's wishes, after Lu Juan put all thoughts are on the twins body.

Over time, the child has been born six years time, two child's body is very healthy, and looks very cute.

Lu Juan are taking care of two children every day, children are very sensible, Juan Lu will be helped to do some housework, it can be said the two children became Lu Juan legs.

Although Lu Juan family of four living is very short of money, but the family is very happy living together, Lu Juan church two children, regardless of good times or bad, need to have maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

As the child might grow up, will encounter a variety of problems after Lu Juan, but their family together, will certainly overcome all difficulties.


in a recent burst of fire and television work" thirty nothing "Gu Jia sentence deep impression:

"she can destroy my family, but it can not hurt my son." "you never know what a mother can do What "

never underestimate the power of a mother, although Lu Juan has an incomplete body, but fortunately she has a happy family.

I believe two lovely children Lu Juan will take a good education, they are a family of four would have been happy to live.

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