Last term "Guizhou Wang" Wang Jialie how many troops? How did he rise?

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In the Republic of China, located in the southwest part of Guizhou Province, it has always been a very awkward provinces. Because, "three days without clear, no deep level, no one-third of silver," the Guizhou, not only mountain will be less, barren land, and a total area not far inferior to neighboring provinces.

In the Republic of China, located in the southwest part of Guizhou Province, has always been a very awkward provinces. Because, "three days without clear, no deep level, no one-third of silver," the Guizhou, not only mountain will be less, barren land, and a total area not far inferior to neighboring provinces.

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Republic of China Guizhou map

the most sad reminder that, two neighbors Guizhou provinces also are veritable warlords province, both have dominated the southwestern Yunnan warlords, or more than 40 million people, has never stopped warlord of Sichuan, Guizhou is not Rede Qi.

So, caught in the middle of Sichuan and Yunnan, Guizhou is really a disappointment, for a long period of time Republic of China, Yunnan, Guizhou has been under the rule of the warlords. However, this does not mean that there is no Guizhou warlord. Since many small hill, harsh environment, transport facilities, therefore, Guizhou is very easy separatist place, and, after separatist hard to destroy.

So, while not rich Guizhou, the population is not really much, Zhu Qiang also outside buildings, but the number of Guizhou warlords but never less. For example, Liu Xianshi, Wang Wenhua, Yuan Zuming, Zhou Xicheng, etc., are worked in Guizhou Xuan He moment warlords. And Wang Jialie, it is one of the warlords ruled Guizhou, and he was the last British king Guizhou.

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Wang Jialie

It was Wang Jialie Guizhou native, born in 1893, small rivers and lakes Guizhou Tongzi County. As a poor family, he was forced to drop out after Wang Jialie Tongzi higher elementary school graduation, starting with salt for a living back in Zunyi, Guizhou and other places. After the founding of the Republic of China, Wang Jialie has also worked as a private school teacher in Zunyi.

1914 years into the land of the Republic of China due to the warlords, confusion is more serious, also in this year, Wang Jialie join local troops in Guizhou Zunyi, Guizhou Province to become a soldier of the National Army proof.

In Qianjun warlord forces, since Wang Jialie literate, intelligent man is also very alert, therefore, he fared quite well in Qianjun. Not only served as platoon leader, quartermaster and other junior officers, but also due to the outstanding performance, Wang Jialie was sent to Guizhou and Guizhou army model camp Westernization school.

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Wang Jialie

rejoin studies, Wang Jialie was promoted to company commander, but this time, his battalion commander was his hometown, the same as Guizhou Tongzi people Zhou Xicheng, At that time, Zhou Xicheng positions held for the Qianjun 1st brigade 10th regiment 2 battalion. It is also because relationships are Tongzi fellow, Wang Jialie become Zhou Xicheng cronies.

Republican warlords in order to strengthen control of the military, invariably are very fond of their fellow reuse. For example, Yan Xishan Sui Army has "say five words, and only then foreign knife hanging," the statement; Chiang Kai-shek's favorite use of Zhejiang. Li Tsung-jen, Pai Chung-hsi Xinguixi generals, most of the people are also in Guangxi.

Guizhou Tongzi people Zhou Xicheng is no exception, he promoted men, including Wang Jialie included, not his relatives, is his hometown. And Zhou Xicheng relatives and the vast majority of people are Tongzi, so these people consisting of Zhou Xicheng military bloc, also known as Guizhou Tongzi Bloc.

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position Tongzi County in Guizhou

Zhou Xicheng using the relationship natives and relatives, walk a fine line in southwestern warlords, and continue to grow and develop. In 1922, after a week with the West to go to Sichuan, Wang Jialie was promoted to battalion commander, also in the same year, Wang Jialie to join the KMT. After

Then, in the war against Janssen part, successfully defeated Yang Sen, Wang Jialie assist Zhou Xicheng incorporate more than 1,000 soldiers Janssen Department of collapsing, due to power was promoted to colonel. In 1923, Zhou Xicheng captured in Zunyi, subordinate units again expanded, while Wang Jialie have gone up, becoming the third brigade.

It is also in this year, Zhou Xicheng has been basically gained independence, he will be under the command of the troops named Jing Qian Jun. At the same time, he also held the Sichuan Fuling officers meeting to determine the order of succession of Jing Qian Jun, from high to low are: Maoguang Xiang, Wang Jialie, Jiang Fan State, Utah State only.

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Zhou Xicheng

so, as the second overall pick Zhou Xicheng tongzi system of military blocs heir, Wang Jialie either status or military power, have been greatly improved. To 1928, Wang Jialie more became the second division Zhou Xicheng 25th Army, became a veritable senior generals.

outbreak of war between 1928 and Li Shen Zhou Xicheng, this internal Guizhou warlord to Zhou Xicheng declared victory in the end. After defeating belong Qian Jun 43rd Army commander Li Shen, Zhou Xicheng has been basically unified Guizhou.

However, due to take refuge Yun, strength has been restored and reconciled to defeat, Li Shen Zhou Xicheng again and scuffle broke out. However, by virtue of a strong, beat Li Shen Zhou Xicheng again. However, so Zhou Xicheng never thought, in the process of chasing Li Shen, since participation in Yunnan Clique Yun, he was surrounded by the enemy in the pursuit of the process, unfortunately, he fell into the water shot dead.

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Zhou Xicheng although death is very sudden, but, thanks to Zhou Xicheng year in Sichuan Fuling determine the order of succession, the Department of Tongzi group not only did not fall apart, but in a number of the old unit to launch a counterattack led by generals, Li Shen and successfully driven out of Guizhou.

After defeating Li Shen, Department of Tongzi Guizhou become ruler. According to the West in the order of succession to become the Department of Tongzi determined, has become the deputy commander of the twenty-fifth army, the strongest Maoguang Xiang was appointed governor of Guizhou Chiang Kai-shek and the twenty-fifth army, a new term king Guizhou. And Wang Jialie then was promoted to deputy commander of the twenty-fifth Army.

However, the host has forced Maoguang Xiang Wang Jialie very unhappy, because, although Maoguang Xiang Wang Jialie's brother is, however, the two conflicts, but the accumulation of a long time. After Maoguang Xiang came to power, he was very afraid for Wang Jialie and strength, he has been trying to win Wang Jialie military power. Mao and Wang contradiction therefore deeper and deeper.

 final term

Maoguang Xiang

at the same time, after becoming governor of Guizhou, Maoguang Xiang for Chiang Kai-shek is not cold, for his draw has been ambiguous. In such circumstances, always wanted to expand the sphere of influence of the southwest region of Chiang Kai-shek, in turn, draw the strength to send Qian Jun Wang Jialie.

1929 years after Chiang Kai-shek was appointed as Tao Ni Army National Revolutionary Army commander, Wang Jialie take this opportunity to get rid of the entrenched in the Southeast of Sichuan warlord Lai Xinhui, he began to have their own piece of turf children.

and thereafter in the siege of the Red Army, due to the active troops, "will destroy active," Wang Jialie become not only destroy the Border Region commander appointed by Chiang Kai-shek, pay and get a lot of weapons and ammunition Meanwhile, he also won the Hunan warlord he Jian monthly aid stipend, the strength has been further enhanced.

 final term

Chiang Kai-shek

Wang Guanglie growing strength of the Chiang Kai-shek and continue to draw, so at this time, Guizhou Maoguang Xiang Wang is very unhappy, therefore, in January 1932, issued a telegram Maoguang Xiang, Wang Jialie quickly make command Back to the Guiyang to participate in the reorganization meeting, Wang Jialie trying to lure the enemy away, took the opportunity to house arrest.

However, the purpose of Maoguang Xiang Wang Jialie already seen through, and he was not alone go back, but his army troops return to Guizhou, to Maoguang Xiang tremendous pressure. On the way back, Chiang Kai-shek took the opportunity to intervene, he let the military command issued by the Ministry, will be promoted to Wang Jialie twenty-fifth army, Maoguang Xiang was exempted from the duty commander.

Under Wang Jialie powerful forces command and the national government, strength and power are not as people Maoguang Xiang, was forced to issue a statement of voluntary rest, I will give a bit of governor Wang Jialie. April 1932, Nanjing national government issued a formal appointment, Wang Jialie finally got his wish to become the owner and Guizhou Province 25 army.

 final term

Chiang Kai-shek

since then also, Guizhou Wang Jialie become the ruler of that time, Wang Jialie under the command of the 25th Army has a total of up to six divisions, namely the 1st division, 2nd division, 3rd division, 4th division, 5th division and Lehr. However, the six divisions of the army, Wang Jialie command can only move out of the two divisions.

Because, although Wang Jialie after taking office to become governor of Guizhou, however, due to the mountainous Guizhou Province, the traffic is very inconvenient, coupled with rampant corruption Wang Jialie Group, and internal contradictions. Wang Jialie for remote areas can not afford to take into account.

For example, when 25 Army Deputy army served as instructor and commander of Tam Hou, also concurrently the Southern border guards commander, he separatism in northern and southern Guizhou, Sichuan, under the command of up to eight groups troops, however, did not listen to bear Hou Wang Jialie command.

occupy the eastern part of Guizhou, has a strength of four regiments of the 3rd division commander Chiang Jane, separatist Tongzi Department of Southwest Guizhou Panjiang eight genera, with six groups of troops of the 2nd Division of the Utah State and other materials the strength of the faction who not only do not obey the command of Wang Jialie, and even worked with Wang Jialie to war.

 final term

Guizhou location in the Southwest

so, while the king ascended the throne in Guizhou, Guizhou become supreme ruler, however, Wang Jialie able to control the territory child, in fact, only the central Guizhou area, under the command of the troops, only Bai Hui Zhang, know how heavy two divisions, the total strength of only 20,000 people.

At the same time, due to the harsh environment in Guizhou Province, the people in poverty, warlordism constantly, even tried to plunder, Wang Jialie source of income is still very limited. So, Wang Jialie of Qianjun not only few in number, poorly equipped, fighting is less than impressive.

Of course, Wang Jialie of Guizhou army combat poor, and not just because of the equipment. Republic of China, Guizhou opium cultivation is the hardest hit, so many Guizhou local people also infected with opium addiction. This is extremely bad habit also spread to the army, so, Wang Jialie of Qianjun has another title: Shuangqiang Jiang.

 final term

Smoking Barrels

this "Shuangqiang Jiang," the nickname is not a boast Qian Jun, Qian Jun does not mean more soldiers can shoot with both hands, it means: Wang Jialie soldiers holding two guns, a rifle, while the other pole is the big pipe. Even among the military are generally opium, Wang Jialie of Qianjun combat imagined. Case

But, after all, located in Guizhou Chiang beyond the reach of the Southwest, in no reason and no deployment of troops, the Chiang Kai-shek still do nothing for Guizhou.

However, this opportunity was Chiang Kai-shek wait, two years after Wang Jialie rule Guizhou, 1934, three Red Army main force began the Long March, Long March route and, just after Wang Jialie site child - Guizhou.

 final term

red Army Long march roadmap

the process of the central army to hunt down the red Army, but also become the Chiang Kai-shek took the opportunity to wipe out the warlords "godsend." As Chiang Kai-shek's "brain trust" Chen Bray said: Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces fragmented, Communist forces into Guizhou, we can now go in, than we are designed for drawing Guizhou and better use of troops.

So, in order to hunt down the name of the Red Army in 1934, Simon led the muddy Zhou Yuan, Wu Qiwei Central Army two columns eight divisions into the Guizhou. For Guizhou has entered the Red Army and the Central Army, weak forces, internal and warlords lined Wang Jialie an all untouchables.

In order to protect themselves, although Wang Jialie with Chiang Kai-shek's Central Army had dogged for the Red Army, however, the face of strong fighting the Red Army, in order to save power, Wang Jialie for the siege of the Red Army was only to ward off the Lord.

 final term

Red Army roadmap

However, Wang Jialie never expected to make, although he has been careful to treat the central Guizhou army, took Chiang Kai-shek has been tight ass, but this when Chiang Kai-shek still have decided to completely solve mind Guizhou warlords, and as head of Qian Jun, Wang Jialie first to suffer.

Of course, Wang Jialie not wasted. Wang Jialie at the time of the rise, although Chiang Kai-shek became the object of draw, the relationship with Chiang Kai-shek is also very close, however, as a place of separatist warlord, there is almost a natural conflict between Wang Jialie and Chiang Kai-shek. After becoming governor of Guizhou Province, Wang Jialie had joint Guangdong and Guangxi warlords warlords Chens Li Tsung-jen, three provinces entered into a mutual alliance, and Chiang Kai-shek secretly.

Chiang secret after exposure to Chiang Wang Jialie NATURAL hated it as thorn in the flesh. So, whether it is in order to win Guizhou, southwestern provinces control, or for private resentment, Wang Jialie of Chiang Kai-shek have enough reason to get rid of.

 final term

Chiang Kai-shek

1935 January to chase after the name of the central Red Army stationed in Guizhou provincial capital Guiyang, Simon rate of the central Army took over direct Guiyang, relying on a strong, direct Simon become masters, even even Wang Jialie want to go to Guiyang city should be interrogated.

At the same time, rely on the same powerful forces of the Central Army, Chiang Kai-shek sent arrive in Guiyang, Wang Jialie directly to 2-to-1, then choose Wang Jialie faced: as a commander or office, or only He served as governor of Guizhou. Aware "have a gun is the head of them," Wang Jialie desperation governor resigned his duties full-time post of commander.

Wang Jialie that this choice, Chiang Kai-shek ordered the governor of Guizhou Wang Jialie eliminating positions, and sent as a confidant, also entered the national government so far Guizhou era. And Wang Jialie become the second Army to hunt down the commander led his troops continue to hunt down the Red Army.

 final term

Red army

However, there is no site, under the command of the central army troops also continue to be against, plus military power is weak, Wang Jialie led his troops to hunt down the Red army in the course of repeated defeat, under the command of the strength has been weakened. Forced to desperation, Wang Jialie even go want to quit Guizhou Yun of Yunnan Province to survive.

However, perhaps Tusihubei, perhaps in order to have an excuse to prevent the invasion of Chiang Kai-shek's Sichuan and Yunnan, Yunnan and Sichuan warlords to Wang Jialie lent a helping hand every month to one hundred thousand Chuan Wang Jialie notes, however, one hundred thousand Sichuan notes drop in the bucket, however, Wang Jialie troops are still getting weaker.

In the end, feeling completely catch Wang Jialie the time is ripe to step down, in the name of Chiang Kai-shek to supervised personally flew to Guiyang, Wang Jialie decided to completely solve. At that time, Chen Cheng stand once and for all, directly kill Wang Jialie.

 final term


However, taking into account the Chiang Kai-shek, Wang Jialie 25th Army still has more than 20,000 troops, Wang Jialie killed more than 20,000 people on the one hand makes it unstable, easily erupt mutiny, on the other hand also easy to make Tusihubei warlords all over the Southwest.

So, Chiang Kai-shek decided two-pronged approach, which was forced to step down. First Chiang Wang Jialie stuck using their pay, so that he could not feed more than 20,000 troops under the command of. In cronies part of its inability to send their pay, after soldiers naughty together, while officers and downtown rates, Chiang Jinyuan offensive with the time-tested, Wang Jialie buy will know what is heavy, Bai Hui chapter two teachers.

Finally, under internal and external problems, Wang Jialie completely lost the 25th Army, Wang Jialie forced to resign Telegraph published under desperate. Since then, Chiang Kai-shek Wang Jialie successfully resolved, will be included in the national government of Guizhou Province.

 final term

National government

for non-functional without soldiers have been completely powerless Wang Jialie, Chiang Kai-shek then gave him a military council in the Senate empty title, so he left Guizhou.

After that, Wang Jialie had lost power in the military department office, was also elected to the National Assembly. In 1949 when the KMT retreated to Taiwan, Wang Jialie return home in Guizhou residence. After the founding of new China, Wang Jialie has held positions in Guizhou Province, in August 1966, died of illness.