Tianwangbuxin pill applicable dialectical, and Application Notes

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There Ziyinqingre, Anshen effect of drugs is very large, but Tianwangbuxin pill is particularly suitable formulation is habitat, Radix, Scrophulariaceae, Salvia, Poria, Bozi, Semen, Schisandra, Polygalaceae system, Chinese angelica, ginseng , Campanulaceae, cinnabar combination.

There is nourishing yin and heat, I would rather a lot of medicine, but the king The heartball is especially suitable, the formula is a branched land, Wheat, Xuanzhou, Salvia, Poriori, Baizi Ren, sour jutroke, Schisandra, a longitude, angelica, ginseng, orange, and cinnabar.
Among them, wheat and winter, mysterious ginseng, raising the role of clearing and nitting yin and moistening; Baizi Ren, a longitude, Wuzi, cinnabar, hitting the heart of the nerves; there is Salvia, 苓, angelica, people participate in the tonic gas The effect of blood loss and blood.

Dialectical dialectics of Tianwang Mixing Pill, and application main rules

in clinical, Insomnia, more dreams, irritability, neurasthenia, mental mania, repeated mouth ulcers, palpitations, etc. The cinnabarism in the clinical medicine prescription is toxic, or it can be replaced with amber, magnet, and pearl mother.

Dialectical Dialectics of Tianwang Recognition Pill, and Application Point

King With the symptoms of nourishing yin and supplementation, cooperation with Ning Xin An Shen Pharmaceutical treatment, when using this party, the point of identification is that the heart gods are lost or the symptoms caused by the heart, the heart is not concerned, there is a blink of fire Symptoms such as stool dry knots, forgetful, dry mouth, tidal night sweats, nocturnal essential ejaculation, etc., Kings can play good results.
However, the king of the heart of the pill is cold, the heart is not allowed or the yin deficiency is good, if it is a spleen and stomach deficiency, the deficiency is not appropriate.

Dialectical dialectics of Tianwang Mixing Pill, and application main rules

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