Asymptomatic infection action trajectory Shufu 24th report published

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Tianshan news the evening of October 25, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Government Information Office held a press conference Kashi epidemic prevention and control and answered reporters' questions.

Tianshan news the evening of October 25, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Government Information Office held a press conference Kashi epidemic prevention and control and answered reporters' questions.

conference, Gu Ying Sujie Shao Wei, deputy director of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Health Committee, 2020 October 24, Kashi Prefecture Shufu report a case of viral pneumonia new crown asymptomatic infection, the asymptomatic infection, female, 17 years old, living in the rural village sensitive Shufu station, working in a garment factory Shufu. A family of four people, generally live in the workplace, recently had three go home and rest. The first September 15 - 16, the second September 28 - October 3, third October 17 - 18th. Family of four to go out without a history, surgical history, no history of other illnesses. This year, the infection has been Shufu, no history of living in the field, no confirmed cases of positive 16 days ago, suspected cases and contacts of patients with fever history, no history of exposure to infected wild animal testing.

its recent specific activities trajectory:

September 15 factory holiday from Kashi City, Guangdong Feng furniture City crossroads by bus station and get off at the intersection sensitive, electric car ride by his mother take home.

September 16 at home did not go out.

September 17 electric cars to take the mother's garment factories to work, not to go out during.

September 28 holiday ride home mother of electric cars, not to go out during.

October 3 to take the mother to return the electric car garment factory.

at 6:00 p.m. on October 17 in the afternoon, his mother riding the electric car to the garment factory to take him back, no parking on the road, no contact with people. That night the three villages to its factory dormitory where parents eat with his father, his mother.

at 18:00 on October 18 in the afternoon, it went along with his mother Sunday Bazaar, 19:30 to the county one hundred mall to buy clothes, 21:00 back system garment factory work.

October 19 to 23 not out working in a garment factory.

October 24 nucleic acid test results were positive, the experts diagnosed with asymptomatic infection. Currently, the designated hospital for isolation and medical observation accepted. Patients without fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea and other symptoms, the hospital further CT examination was normal, IgM, IgG were negative.

October 24 afternoon, the disease control department of the garment factory where a total of 831 people for nucleic acid testing, the results were negative; their close contacts 16 people, close contacts of 406 people who were in close contact with nucleic acid detection, 137 people tested positive, all three villages where their parents are associated factories. Diagnosis by experts, are asymptomatic infection; his parents and brother nucleic acid test results were negative. All close contacts of more than asymptomatic infected persons, close contacts close contacts have been isolated for medical observation practice.

deployment requirements in accordance with the regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters normalization of epidemic prevention and control, in the spirit of the masses of all ethnic groups in our health and physical safety of a highly responsible spirit, Kashi area based on "early discovery, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment" principle, the sooner prevention and control, early warning mechanism to establish normalization, the implementation of priority groups "should check to make check" to carry out normalization of nucleic acid testing week. The first case of asymptomatic infection that is on the "inspection should check to make" each week normalization of nucleic acid detection found. This fully proves, focus groups regularly carry out monitoring of nucleic acid detection is an important measure to exclude hidden epidemic under normalization, may help disease control department as soon as possible, as soon as possible detection of asymptomatic infection, effectively blocking the spread of the epidemic spread of the channel, the practical implementation "four early" requirement, effectively protect the health of the people of all ethnic groups and life safety.