Exploring "Langya List" in the world's most mysterious Langya Court Oz, Wonderland enjoy the scenery

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Big hit suspense drama "Langya list" also all the rage, won the love of countless hotties, bizarre twists and turns of the story, always give the impression that suspense, which may also be its most attractive place.

big hit suspense drama "Langya list" also all the rage, won numerous hotties of love, bizarre twists and turns of the story, always give the impression that suspense, which may also be its most attractive place. Play Langya Court is the world's most mysterious place, where not only reveals the mystery of the gas, Chi Mei scenery came into my eyes also amazing.

If you like the mysterious beauty of big suspense drama "Langya List", I believe you will be interested in the viewfinder "Langya Bang" five shot, they are Hill, Jianglangshan, western Zhejiang prairie, Xiangshan movie and Hengdian World Studios.



address: Yandang town, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Aspect: the world's most mysterious Langya Court

description: Yandang the top of the lake, reed knot swing, Qiu Yan multi-homed hence the name. Here several overlapping peaks of mountains, peaks King show, waterfalls, known as the Southeast Mountain. Yandang is divided into Lingfeng, Yeongam, Dalongqiu, Yan Hu and Vision door five parts, the first three collectively known as the Wild Goose Ruin, where pk is the "Langya list" Langya Court viewfinder.



address: Quzhou Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province Shihmen Township, Zhenjiang Lang

Aspect: three magnificent beauty boulder

description: Jianglangshan with magnificent scenery three famous rock three rock legends in ancient times three brothers surnamed Jiang changed after the top of the mountain, and therefore was this name. Three stone Lang highest peak known as China Danxia first peak. TV series "Langya list" once in Jianglangshan view, the three boulders are magnificent heroic play multiple times.


Western Zhejiang prairie

address: Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province town of Gao

Aspect: prairie scenery resembles the scenery

description: prairie western Zhejiang is the recreation mainly rural scenery, there are thousands of years old trees of tall trees, meandering crystal clear streams, endless green lawn, natural scenery resembles a prairie landscape. Here are many film and television drama viewfinder prairie, grasslands TV series "Langya List" it is in this shot.


Elephant movie

address: Xiangshan County of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, new Town

Aspect: Nature film park

description: Xiangshan movie is Lingyanshan landscape caves and other natural landscape-based, built China's first live action movie amusement park, the main attractions are evil city, the city of Spring and Autumn Journey to the West and parks. Here's retro unique architectural style, from the Qin and Han Ming Tang and Song to the various types of film and television's Republic of China can be taken, works on behalf of "Langya list."



address: Hengdian town Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Aspect: Hollywood's famous Chinese

description: Hengdian World Studios Hollywood is known as China, is the world's most ambitious film and television shooting base, there are Emperor Qin palace, Ming and Qing imperial court and Riverside and a dozen film shooting area. TV series "Langya list" once for location shooting in Hengdian World Studios inside of Emperor Qin Palace, Riverside and other scenic spots.


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