Biden's son, his father gave the pit

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Trump's support rate ahead of Biden, by his son to hang out. Biden man who does things very carefully, Trump team has not caught his handle, but his son Hunter Biden is not the case.

US presidential campaign broke the scandal.

Trump's support rate ahead of Biden, was to pit his son a.

history of the most serious incidents pit father.

Biden man who does things very carefully, Trump team has not caught his handle, but his son Hunter Biden is not the case.

Then, Biden son of black material, the New York Post to exposure out.

 Biden's son, his father gave pit

2019 In April 2009, Hunter Biden took three computers to repair, because the computer water.

After checking the store told him that one can not repair, not a repair, as well as one can be repaired, so Hunter on the left with a computer.

But repaired, Hunter has not come to take this computer, the store sent the bill as came to nothing.

90 days past due, the store open the computer and found that there are a large number of the world's best information.

this computer, there are more than 1000 Hunter and taking indecent pictures Figure selfie drugs, as well as a 12-minute X-rated video, the male is Hunter himself, care of the household is an unknown woman.

Biden son to his father pit

In addition, there is a maximum Hunt and Ukraine Mail gas producer Burisma evidence of a large number of trading power for money, the number reached 40,000, of which there are a large number of US Vice President Joe Biden participate traces of them.

because there's too much information on the world's best, in December 2019, the owner of this computer to the FBI, and technical experts and a reduction this computer many files had been deleted.

For more information on the world's best, was 11 dug.

Then, this information into the hands of Trump's private lawyer, and before the election on the verge of the most critical time, he was deliberately released.

to take this fuse, Biden son more material is totally black burst, forming a resonance effect.

drug use, promiscuity.

2012 years, the US Navy reserve is serving Hunter, because cocaine, were expelled from the army.

2015 years, the Beau Hunter's brother died of illness, leaving a sister Hallie.

2017 years because they can not tolerate her husband were out countless lover, Hunter's first wife Kathleen Hunter under the unbearable and divorce.

Subsequently, sister Hallie Hunter and actually about the love and disclosed cohabitation.

However, in 2019, and Hunter and sister broke up because he was a sex worker Alexi Roberts to the divisions.

Alexi in 2018, Hunter was pregnant with a child, she asked Hunt responsible for this, pay for their children's living expenses.

The paternity test, and Alexi Hunter had settled out of court, recognized under this bastard.

By the way, in the mail door, Hunt also personally shot up to a strange woman and indescribable little 12-minute video, the identity of the woman has no one knows who.

This is Biden's son erosion of life.

If only the private life of the confusion, the problem was not so big.

The key message in 40000 Hunter's computer, FBI found a large number of rights evidence of money transactions. After

2014 Ukrainian crisis, US Vice President Joe Biden is authorized to unified management of affairs of Ukraine.

2014 Nian 4 14, Biden in Ukraine and met with local officials, brought the provisions of the US assistance to the Ukrainian gas industry development projects.

2014 Nian 4 15, the Hunter and Hunter German friends founded the company RSP accounts, received Ukraine's largest private gas company Burisma call of $ 112,000.

2014 Nian 4 16, German and Biden had met at the White House.

2014 In May, German and Hunter both people have no work experience and background areas of energy, became the director Burisma of close to $ 1 million per person per year.

2014 Nian 5 Yue, Burisma executives Vadim sent e-mail to Hunter consultation "how to use their influence."

2014 In September 2009, Vadim has sent an e-mail, claiming that Ukrainian Cabinet has just submitted a new tax law, which would stifle the private Ukrainian gas sector.

Then, Biden by the US Embassy in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government ordered to modify the tax bill.

2015 Nian 4 Yue, Burisma Advisor to the Board Vadym to Hunter sent a letter of thanks, it is written:

" Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to Washington, gave me a chance to see your father, and spent some time together ".

 Biden's son, his father gave pit

2016 In February because of tax issues Ukrainian authorities to investigate and arrest Burisma founder.

Then, Biden threatened to withhold $ 1 billion in US aid to Ukraine, Ukraine requested the Government to immediately stop the investigation, dismissal argue the matter of Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Xiao Jin.

2016 March Ukraine's parliament passed a resolution to lift the Xiao Jin duties.

Biden's son to help him save so much black material, really worthy of a US Edison version.

After the matter broke, Biden team suffered heavy losses, had to temporarily stop campaigning to discuss countermeasures.

 Biden's son, his father gave pit

2019 years Trump's support rate ahead of Biden, Biden did not see how the hope of winning the election.

But after 2020, the new crown outbreak, the government Trump poor performance of the American fight against SARS disappointed, the support rate all the way down.

to the eve of the election, Trump's support rate has been lagging far behind Biden.

But I did not expect to win in the upcoming moment, Biden son fell a big somersault.

Just a few days time, Biden's support rate would plummet, while the red line represents the rise of direct support for Trump.

 Biden's son, his father gave pit

winner, remains to be seen ah.

2016 Nian the US presidential election, Hillary would have occupied a great advantage, that is, one month before the election computer is black, tens of thousands of letters a private message is compromised by hackers, was caught a lot trading power for money and led to the final defeat handle, like Trump leading to the upper miracle.

In 2020, another Democratic candidate, but also e-mail the door.

This email is a natural grams Democratic ah.

Biden is not clean, that Trump clean?

Trump flying material is also black.

every day as a boast that he is a billionaire president, Trump became the first president in half a century refused to disclose personal financial status.

According to reports, a full 18 years, Trump has a full 11 years to pay personal income tax to zero.

Trump was elected president in 2016 and 2017, Trump pay only a $ 750 personal income tax each year.

Trump used his good example to prove to the world, whether wealthy Americans pay no tax.

I have money, I do not pay taxes, but I do not pay taxes is legal .

And I was deliberate.

Biden sucks, Trump also sucks, that the American voters to choose it?

No way, your nose election.

On the surface, the American people have the right to run for president, but in fact, be able to participate in the final presidential race, always only two.

and one from the Democratic Party, and one from the Republican Party.

and American voters can only specify capitalist groups from the two candidates who people in, choose a favorite, or relatively less annoying.

from two bad apples, is selected from a not too bad, and then eat.

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