Write things have "gas composition"? Do not dissatisfied, is a kind of disease

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I sigh, good articles are similar, each have their own rotten rotten draft, such as "Composition gas." Wen disease many, this is the most vicious and hidden, who had not steeped writing education ten years of it?
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I have lamented, good articles are similar, each have their own draft rotten rotten, such as "gas composition . " Wen disease many, this is the most vicious and hidden, who had not steeped writing education ten years of it?

These barriers, some immunity, someone enlighten, but others such as snails back shell, hard to blame also goes slowly, sometimes good advice, ears also retracted shell.

said a student (less than equal to the third year) of natural gas composition to write something meaningless, equivalent to hit people jobs, not kind. But the more backward, the more you realize mature age Wen Qi's really little to do, pen off the surprise storm may not be well-personnel, fancy phrases that worry is not necessarily a red scarf teenager.

That "gas composition" in the end Zhongsha disease? The so-called sick as a mountain down, disease go away on foot. It fishes continuously, the following five symptoms, I think the most worthwhile to say.

a, essay into the marrow

mother put up with hardships, strong and stern father, selfless teacher, kindly amiable grandmother, earnestness grandfather, simple and honest honest farmer, innocent children, upright police ...... familiar to you? poor adjective, profiling people, routine-oriented plot, in many years, perhaps they always work on your paper.

However, thousands died, too delicate a paradigm. wealthy people do not deserve to write articles? Mom eternal youth, handle it hard to tell the LV? Encounter a bear children, Aunt bad day on the unspeakable?

The reason why writing paradigm tenacious, first, it is for educational purposes, the second is due to the method of education. If people want to go, like all children of the world, it wants to unify walker. So, there is always a giant baby, or because of laziness, or because of fear, after many years still crippled by the loss to that park.

 write things have

two, too neat

essay traces of examination, see structure glance structure. total score, total points, total score between, such as cutting the plate-like neat clear. Conjunctions and related words also vigorously with outside scoring - First, Second, we can see, moreover, generally speaking, in short, to sum up ......

It feels like more than a strict suit male, Nana stress, is not cute.

Third, book bags, bucket celebrity, race aphorism

handwriting new article, love pull the banner for the tiger, internal head in the game Foreign scare people. A patchwork truck allusions, idioms, anecdotes, aphorisms celebrities, crashed down in front of the reader. Look! I know so much of it.

If there writing "in two patients" in order to book bags is the most common. tool mostly uncommon words, put together a poem, and foreign language academic term, pretending to "come in handy" for something unknown people feel good Li. Try to imitate a few -

I wander in the barren youth in, you met Qiong Qiong Jie Li, dense cleared dimple beginning, vegetation luxuriantly self-generated light.

She is the true meaning of the "post-modern orphan", quietly completed the Oedipus complex to the Electra Complex change.

the afternoon presentation, you ready yet?

is a celebrity addiction bucket, or packet shaking large dish-like coffee, or else to a popular celebrity to show learned.

Only reading it makes me happy, Roberto Bolaño, Doctorow, Shibusawa Tatsuhiko, Pliny, linen Dorion, M. Bulgakov, Kyoka ...... they have to move into my soul.

tournament aphorism is more than the complications. A little territories, beat and called people posture. In the final analysis not confidence, fear of their own that is not good readers do not buy it, then move a few large stones to ballast. However, this thing addiction, long time, that kind of library corridor inspirational slogan-like tone to throw off the.

As Gorky said, the book is the ladder of human progress.

The reason, Han Yu had said a thousand years ago, diligence and neglected in play; line into Si, destroyed with.

 write things have

Fourth, Qiong Yao upper body

when I was younger, just full of fire, the mood burned chug fly, this It is from the Hi; the boiling point of the back, as well as the freezing point, a moment that the world is the most lonely, empty, lonely, cold, which was self-pity.

Young, is Qiongyao, Yi Shu, heart Xijuan swept away, down extenuating circumstances. little experience in the future, then so sad at first glance happy at first glance, it is inevitable tweaking it too contrived. to imitate a -

You and I, like a rain cloud to meet, so much cloud, drifting into the sky to rain so small, to fall into the earth. We intersection, short like fireworks in the night sky, as partners with the rest of my life I will be sad, students also go hand in hand, die hand in hand.

 write things have

V. flood of positive energy

writing education is a big Boss, called the "central idea." Logically, article to show significance, very good, but the problem is the meaning of "central idea" to be uniform. the highest order to love the motherland and the people, to be followed by the labor of love, love life, in short, to be full of positive energy, heads held high, high-spirited, a fresh look awkward Boy Scouts.

Years ago, an article primary language of the text "lychee honey", the end of has this to say -

My heart can not help a chatter: a lovely little creatures ah! Of people want nothing, but gives a very good thing. Bees in honey, but also in the brewing of life; not for themselves, but for the most sweet wine of human life. Bees are tiny; bees but how noble ah!

is simply a textbook-like sublimation. Since then, ah + exclamation point, small and great, willing to benefit others instead of themselves, life as sweet as honey ...... these stylized chant of many writers of deep bone marrow, lingers for years, and eventually became a nodule of brain circuits , ideologically rigid, inexplicable excitement, also lost writing the most valuable and sincere self.

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