Huang Jinrong tied, the kidnappers blackmail 50 gold bars, why only daughter to 49? Means really clever

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In the first three yard Green Gang, Du Yuesheng Ayutthaya deepest, most vicious Zhang Xiaolin, Huang Jinrong is one of the most arrogant, for which he got a lot of enemies, eat a lot of losses, a lot of times are to help mediate Du Yuesheng was able to escape.

The Qing Bang is one of the oldest gangs in China, and is also one of the most popular, the most affected folk secret association, and Hongmen, and the old conference. It is because of the strength of the green helper in the old Shanghai, its founder Huang Rong, Du Yuezhen, Zhang Xiaolin is also called "Shanghai Beach 3 Ten", which belongs to the legendary figure that I have to say in that year.

 golden rushed, kidnapped 50 gold bars, why did the daughter only give 49? The means does

In the three greenbenges, Du Yuexun City is the deepest, Zhang Xiaolin is the most vicious, golden rival is the most exciting, for this, he has set a lot of enemies, a lot of losses, many times is Du Yueyi to help The mediation is only getting out. For example, Golden Rong once sinned the sin of the warlord Lu Yongxiang Lu Xiaojia, after being tied by Lu Xiaojia five spending, or Du Yuezhu has a big price, put low gesture, apologize, this will redeem it back.

 gold rushed, kidnapped 50 gold bars, the daughter-in-law is only 49? The means is indeed

This is not the first time, the first time, the famous fabric king, the famous fabric. Cao Cao, who has been famous, has also planned to kidnapped the golden, but his identity did not have Lu Xiaojia so high, and he did not dare to be so arrogant like Lu Xiaojia. I can only choose the buyover to explore Lu Liankui and a hand, I plan to let the gold have a boring loss.

Actually, the matter is also a golden, and he can't stay, always I love to find someone, I saw two extremely exquisite and expensive Chinese jade lions, as I said that this person was too high, and there were some festivals in the business field, and I plan to give Cao Xi Ming. child. Coco is not a vegetarian, and the news on the golden Rong is soon passed to his ear. He decided to come to a strong.

 golden rushed, kidnapped 50 gold bars, why did the daughter only gave 49? Call (this);

With the help of Lu Liankui, Cao Shi Ming quickly figured out the most recent trip of Golden, and successfully kidnapped people. At that time, the Huang Mansuma was not a wife Lin Guisheng. It was his daughter-in-law Li Zhiqing. Li Zhiqing heard that the golden rushed, the kidnapper was about 50 gold bars, and I wanted to take the money immediately to save people.

 golden rushed, kidnapped 50 gold bars, why did you give 49 people? The means indeed

But then Du Yuejin arrived, he stopped Li Zhiqing, telling her: Take 49 gold bars, other jewels. Li Zhiqing also met the big wind waves. She understood the meaning of Du Yuezheng. At the same time, she was prepared 49 gold bars and jewelry according to Du Yuezheng, and then the gold bars were not enough, they can only take jewelry.

The kidnapper is Cao Xianming to teach golden, jewelery and gold to them Said that there is no difference, so I promised very refreshing. Let them not think that these jewels have become a key information for leaving the whereabouts.

 gold rushed, kidnapped 50 gold bars, why did the daughter only gave 49? The means indeed

The original Golden Rong is not to determine who is to kidnger, Du Yuezhen deliberately replaced with jewelry, because the kidnappers took the jewelry, it is likely to go to the custom, with this clue, the vine can find the scene Refers to the person. Sure enough, with the strength of the Qing Gang, I found that Cao Xianming and Lu Liankui's head. Golden Rongli Ma sent people to kill Lu Liankui, and reported an arrow, and Cao Ximing also learned that Golden Rong was found to have, Since then, I have a neck, I don't dare to do anything wrong.