Legislative News precision near the apple, "abandoned" Foxconn, Terry Gou set up a working group to kill?

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On the founder chain of more than 100 billion yuan, Foxconn is concerned with any potential threat, especially Apple's first Chinese mainland foundry, is precise. According to Reuters, Honghai Group founder Guo Taiming established a working group in last year, specifically for the source. In fact, there is only 1/20 of Foxconn.

Apple phone several hundred billion dollars in the foundry industry chain, Foxconn order to consolidate the dominant position, always concerned about any potential threat, especially Apple's first Chinese mainland foundry sophisticated telecommunications legislation. According to Reuters, Hon Hai Group founder Terry Gou last year established a working group specifically for sophisticated telecommunications legislation.

In fact, sophisticated telecommunications legislation of revenue size, Foxconn only 1/20. But Gou is not assured, even if the owner of sophisticated telecommunications legislation to Wang Chun was a 10-year-old employee of Foxconn, even if the two sides have many years of good cooperation, because shopping malls such as the battlefield, it is useless to talk about mutual affection. So, faced with Foxconn personally raised the sophisticated telecommunications legislation, Gou worried about it?

on Luxshare near apples,

stifle sophisticated telecommunications legislation?

October 26 morning, a message from Reuters on the Internet crazy pass. It is said that Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai Group believes that another Apple OEM companies Luxshare it poses a serious threat, to this end has set up a working group to resist the influence of sophisticated telecommunications legislation.

This report is written very detailed, he said the above-mentioned working group personally initiated by Terry Gou, as early as last year set up, the main task is to study Luxshare technology, expansion plans recruitment strategies, looks somewhat like an intelligence organization.

After the news, netizens great concern to Terry Gou has endorsed the practice, there is opposition, there are derided. Foxconn quickly responded, in an interview with the Securities Times reporter, gives four words: "false news."

However, this four-word reply We can not completely eliminate the public's doubts, because in Apple's supply chain, the two sides do have a competitive relationship.

As early as 2017, sophisticated telecommunications legislation on access to Apple's AirPods orders, as its supply chain, an important one. In July, sophisticated telecommunications legislation also announced that the company and controlling shareholder will invest 3.3 billion acquisition of Wistron's two 100% stake in wholly-owned subsidiary, which is the two companies Wistron Investment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Wei new Information and Communication (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

on Luxshare near apples,

Luxshare this acquisition is to enter the mobile phone industry chain of Apple. Because Apple in China's foundry companies, Wistron is one, and it is the same as Foxconn, it is also ready to provide foundry services for the iPhone Apple. Of course, it's nowhere near the scale of Foxconn so much.

Upon completion of the acquisition, sophisticated telecommunications legislation is Apple's first Chinese mainland foundry, Foxconn has become a direct competitor.

enemy hands raised

Foxconn is seen as a competitor of sophisticated telecommunications legislation , in fact, is its own hands raised on. Wang, chairman of sophisticated telecommunications legislation to spring, Foxconn is also the first batch of workers in mainland China.

on Luxshare near apples,

1988 October Foxconn Shenzhen Xixiang at the foot of the mountain collapse, the establishment of marine electronic connectors factory, and attracted 150 local employees in Guangdong. 21-year-old king to spring from Chenghai swiftly become an ordinary worker. Gou often came to the shop, and staff work together to resolve difficulties.

Because of poor working environment, many employees left the company. But Wang Laichun persevered, Foxconn is 10 thousand years, was promoted to the management of cadres from the ground staff to become a section chief, do not underestimate, it was the highest office in the mainland Foxconn employees.

In 1999, Wang Chun to leave Foxconn, Wang and his brother to win the Hong Kong company purchased the telecommunications legislation. The company's business and Foxconn, just as R & D and marketing electronic cable, connectors.

Due to Wang Chun and Foxconn good relations, the two sides have maintained long-term cooperative relationship. Luxshare company's connector products, mainly processing and assembly by Foxconn. Therefore, Foxconn is the king of the spring to the first big customer.

on Luxshare near apples,

2004, Wang Chun returned to Shenzhen, the founder of sophisticated telecommunications legislation, continue to work with Foxconn, the overall strategy is to develop the layout around Foxconn. More than half the company's revenues are contributed by Foxconn.

Foxconn to sophisticated telecommunications legislation gradually "raise" in 2010, sophisticated telecommunications legislation listed in Shenzhen, Wang Chun personal net worth of up to 2.3 billion. Old working girl, jumped aboard the China Rich List.

Foxconn afraid of?

From the origins, Foxconn and sophisticated telecommunications legislation closely related. From the scale says, sophisticated telecommunications legislation in 2019 revenue was 62.5 billion, only about Foxconn 1/20. Why Gou also so dear? The reason is simple, sophisticated telecommunications legislation "faithless", is developing too fast.

can be seen from the above information, Luxshare listed before, has been firmly against Foxconn Fengyun tree. But after listing, the company grew and grew, the proportion of revenues from Foxconn gradual decline. Luxshare "faithless", and Apple wants to direct cooperation.

Starting in 2011, Luxshare launched a series of acquisitions into the core of the apple industry chain, the rapid growth of the company's performance. 2014 net profit growth of 91.35 percent owned by the parent, in 2015 net profit growth of 71.01 percent owned by the mother, and later became the first local revenue exceeded 10 billion connectors listed companies.

2017 years Luxshare get Apple's AirPods orders. In the same year on December 4, Apple CEO Cook personally came to the company, visit Airpods production line.

on Luxshare near apples,

ambitious sophisticated telecommunications legislation, again sights on the Apple phone, because this is the apple the company most fat piece of meat. Wistron acquisition of the aforementioned through two subsidiaries, marking sophisticated telecommunications legislation will qualify for the Apple phone OEM.

Luxshare so ferocious momentum, so the industry leader Foxconn also felt the crisis. Despite the big gap between the two sides, but it is worried about the future.