22 years of hard work away from home, a serious illness, back to the beginning

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In 1998, the author jobs from Dalian to Shanghai, I love their homeland every year travel between the two places two or three times, but also be witnessing the development of the two places.

In 1998, the author jobs from Dalian to Shanghai, I love their homeland every year travel between the two places two or three times, but also be witnessing the development of the two places. Time of gear so I hung to turn ah, wooden shake over the years Jiangnan, put down the mundane middle of the night, I knew it had to go cold twenty-two summer.

Last night, accidentally pulls out the diary as a teenager, my heart hung to make sense of joy and sorrow, unconsciously humming the lyrics from Jonathan Lee Big Brother "Dreams of youth, those ah, like the flower never withered flowers, to accompany me to go through that wind and rain to see things change, see vicissitudes. "memories along with the song melody fluctuations trembling, like a grandfather for the first time that year, and fishing the fish out of the water after that like a struggle.

dry year living owe the production team work points, to borrow the Chinese New Year dumplings

22 years of hard work away from home, a serious illness, back to the original

in the early 1970s, the family poor living conditions, often dry year live production team also owed wages. When slack grandfather often took me to the beach to fish, do some "speculation" business supplement the family income, that time can not have any ideal, dream is to eat fed, when the New Year can eat some dumplings. One year, my mother doing the Month delayed the production team earn work points, autumn live at home did a year owed some work points. Before New Year's Eve day, his father undaunted, when the family has no money to the New Year. Father let me go to the street in front of the cruise (now analysis may be discussed with the family did not want me to know about it), happened to meet a brigade captain Zhang, he saw a man wandering around in front of me and asked me, "Is not no money at home New Year a. " I shyly nodded his head, he handed me the four corners of 5 cents, let me buy some meat good home for the holiday, I took the money and flew to the pleasure of supply and marketing cooperatives, the year the Chinese New Year by the people we help it eat the dumplings. four corners 5 cents out later became incentive to work hard, but also to help me eat fed interpretation is alive.

to spend the night with relatives were driven out, but unfortunately the site play ground floor

22 years of hard work away from home, a serious illness, back to the original

in the late 1980s, after graduation I went to a construction site in Dalian work, I was a kid growing up in Port Arthur, very few relatives in the city of Dalian. At that time the ideal is to survive in such a strange city to survive, I have a cousin in Dalian, because the site did not stay, I can only spend the night at her house. Table husband was in the wall and dug a hole in the wall, as we are about the size of the capsule apartment, people can only lie in, not turn the body. Table brother let me every day at the site to bring him a piece of wood back to his home laying on the floor, I took 40 days to give their home a set of laying the floor, a guest in my journey is over. In my cousin played at midnight snoring so loud affect the rest by me to find another place to live, but unfortunately I can only moved out. I do not want to go home, I'm desperate to play at the site inside the ground floor, a son and a bed mats, that is my all of his possessions. Summer Fortunately, Dalian rain much, at most, a few mosquito bites insect, appeared to be winter, and how to do it? I pity to see the director, to his home in a borrowed house of Chunliu I, I then finally had a place to stay. With domestic investment, the site grew and grew, and finally led by the Japanese, the site became a joint-venture factory in the early 1990s, I was fortunate to have ushered in the factory housing allocation. 93 years of my cousin who find me, said she and her husband divorced, and now no place to live, is it possible that I spend the night at my house to let out a room for her daily life, she was also considered newspaper shelter I of kindness. At the time I was very confused about the future, the traditional concept of the older generation told me that the factory is the iron rice bowl, I should be contented to do so. which departments and regions and that old heavy wooden mats, as if to say to me survive is alive.

laid tide wife left

22 years uprooted hard work, a serious illness, back to the original

mid-1990s Northeast laid-off tide outbreak, remember that in 1996 the factory morale to the extreme, the production is only barely, every day can be discouraging workers are, we feel insecure. Many unemployed workers because the economic constraints, buyout to get government grants. 97 years of bad news coming in my head, because the country to move forward, we must discard excess baggage, I became "excess burden." After unemployment, I began to stand selling oranges, but because it was the people of poor economic fundamentals, coupled with the most unemployed people set up stalls to make a living, leading to sell something than to buy something more than all, life is getting hard again. Wife because overwhelmed, back to her parents heard from since, at that time I was near collapse, then the dream is to save the marriage. I have made many trips to her home to inquire about her whereabouts, her parents have gone behind closed doors, anxiety and helplessness made me almost half a short white hair. A year later I received a law firm sent a divorce settlement. I have disheartened, after the agreement signed, I stare at this hi word red printed in red marriage certificate, the original is able to keep a marriage alive.

their homes, and start again

 22 years of hard uprooted , a serious illness, back to the original

1998 I a worker embarked on a train destined for Shanghai, Shanghai undergone enormous changes taking place in that time. After the founding of new China Shanghai's economic income has been supplying the whole of China, leading to the slow pace of development of the region. Early 1990s liberalized the policy of national management and control of Shanghai, the Shanghai just a few years began rapid development. A seat buildings going up, more and more bridges and tunnels throughout the Huangpu River, which is one of the reasons we had come to Shanghai to choose from. When I first came to Shanghai with 800 dollars in his pocket, room and board to find a job without delay, I worked at the Dalian forging abrasive, these barely be popular in the northeast old industrial base, came to Shanghai this craft and inadequate to make a living. Fortunately blessed to Shanghai the next day, I got a job installing air conditioners, was admitted to apprentice, without pay Guanchiguanzhu, but you can learn techniques, I was very happy.

So I entered the air conditioning industry, one thousand is 20 years. At first responsible for the installation, and then I started to learn the technology is mature debugging air conditioning repair these technologies require more work, probably because I do not love no heart, so learning is particularly fast. 2003 accumulated a little money in the hands of my friends and I opened a air conditioning repair company, and then later we talk business with real estate, contracting air-conditioning installation, finally opened his equipment company. In recent years, air conditioning market has been getting smaller and smaller, we started converted smart home, under the blessing of the Internet, business can be considered impressive. I started to do business began to fame, to get up every day thinking about how much money, the business did not talk about the achievements of thinking about how much money lost, living in worry about the outcome, wandering in the Liquor Board and dance. When one looks at the customer in front of laughing uncontrollably drunk, I think life is fame alive.

a serious illness, back to the beginning

22 years hard work away from home, a serious illness, back to the original

Two years ago year, I feel like the abdomen often faint for pain, to the hospital for a medical examination, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This is like a bolt from the blue, the doctor told me earlier that you find, now belongs to the early and relatively young, post-operative treatment is still possible to recover. I do all to the company's management is no longer a friend, nothing is more important than ever after. A few months later, the hospital helped me arrange the surgery, recovery after surgery well, does not differ greatly restored my physiology and before last year. My friend came to me and said that he hoped to get back together with his management company, I politely refused, I think making money is not the end, how much money are also not go with, I thought I should live a life . passing through the park to see a few children playing in the running, I'm filled with emotion, have a healthy body is alive.

 22 years of hard work away from home, a serious illness, back to the original

sunset, I sat on the bench watching them lopsided. In my thoughts I thought I saw an old pair of old shoes, a pair of hands pulled me through a cross pricked the street, I want to go home.

I have to eat and live from the very beginning, to live in order to survive, in order to preserve the marriage alive, to mature to fame while alive, healthy and alive for now I think more and more difficult every step, perhaps alive has always been a simple thing right. As I grew older my desire is also growing, a return until the last moment they would understand what I most wanted exactly what I have not cherished most.

Today, there are too many people alive to fame, money has become their full chase. Why not let us rich material to meet it? Because Yuhenantian, Because the scales in favor of the society in the capital, all eyes, emotional, communication, affection, love, marriage, and even the media law all tend to that end. actually use their experience to warn others how to do it is often inappropriate, everyone's different experiences, different values, and the pursuit of hope also vary, is because of a variety of people the world have color.

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