The future will be, What kind of life do not need to, look to know

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The future will be, what life does not need to count, Man will know the article said, Liu had died, but before he died to say very profound meaning. "Mirror" text like this: Empress asked: "Your Majesty hundred years later, Xiao phase state is dead, so who replaced?" Said: "Cao can." Second asked, saying: "Tomb available then less stupid, you can help the ChenPing. ChenPing known to spare, however difficult sole.

How will the future does not need to count any life, Man will know

When it comes to the last article, Liu had died, but before he died to say very profound meaning. "Mirror" text like this: Empress asked: "Your Majesty hundred years later, Xiao phase state is dead, so who replaced?" Said: "Cao can." Second asked, saying: "Tomb available then less stupid, Chen Ping can help it. Chen Ping know to spare, and then hard sole. Bo Zhou heavy thick small text, then choosing the Ann Liu Bo also can make as Qiu. "here said a" security Liu " Why say "security"? Because it is from "disturbed" to, why "An Liu," because Liu Bang must have foreseen the exclusive right to the Empress.

After the death of Liu Bang, the birth of Prince Liu Ying Lvzhi not been finally destroyed, inherited the throne, was only sixteen years old. He was weak Ren, Han Gotti that he was not himself. And Liu Qi Furen wishful won Liu Bangxi the children love, and Liu Bang and like, I would like to change the Prince. And Empress older and useless, Rare Liu Bang; the young and beautiful Qi Furen, Liu Bang won the favor.

 the future will be, What kind of life do not need to, look to know

Cao relative, can be said to fully implement the strategies and policies developed by Xiao and continue to recuperate, do not toss, "his predecessor" idiom on from here.

Empress resentment Liu Qi Furen wishful mother, dismissing the first Qi Furen Chung Wing Lane as slaves, but also with the meter Zhao Liu Ruyi Beijing, Liu Ying Liu Ruyi Zhimu intended victim, so the time to beware Liu Ruyi protection, they lie with the food, the Empress has been unable to start. But eventually you find an opportunity to Empress poisoned. Empress Lu Qi Furen again extremely cruel to do adult swine, look back to Liu Ying, Emperor Hui burst into tears, that this is not the person to do, from a serious illness a year, well after the disease has been largely ignoring affairs of state, and intoxicate themselves every day in the world of alcohol.

Empress whatever they want, in order to strengthen consolidate their position, even his own daughter Princess Yuan of Lu Yan Zhang's daughter, his granddaughter is married to his son when the Queen, this marriage contrary to human relations, Liu Ying made quite awkward, always unacceptable. Empress given a free hand in turn, called Zhang said she was pregnant outside, the people born son for themselves, side by side for the prince, whose mother was Empress killed. Liu Ying after twenty-four to spoil their own death, the succession of little guys know their biological mother killed things, also said to be threatened revenge, Empress took him to destroy.

 the future will be, What kind of life do not need to, look to know

Cao's death, the right to appoint the prime minister for the tomb, left the prime minister Chen Ping, Zhou Bo Qiu (the highest military office). Empress Liu thought usurp the country, we intend to put its own maiden name Lu gave the champion, so they seek the views of these three men, Tomb does not agree, he was taken away with the right of any featherbed Tutor, then he said the disease could not. Chen Ping, Zhou Bo privately Tomb said, although we remonstrate as good as you, but "the whole boat, after Ann Liu," you might as us. Of circumstance, reclaim did not move.

Then, after Lu Lu to find all kinds of pretext to champion, but in the end only three letters, after all, not just letters. Wang gave shrew with the Liu Lu, and Lu only with children, students and others about to be processed, can be said to be inhuman.

During this period, Liu also has a big shot Zhu virtual Hou Liu Zhang, twenty, able-bodied, came to power on the Liu clan can not disgruntled. He has participated in the harem banquet to serve the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother Liu Zhang to make wine prison officer. Lau own request, said: "I will be after the door, please allow me to the Queen Mother by military prison wine." Empress replied:. "May" when Jiuhan, Liu Zhang Yin request to sing a "song of farming", the Queen Mother granted. Liu Zhang singing: "The deep planting, spacing to be sparse; not the same species, hoe to eradicate!" Empress know within the meaning of the song, he hears is silence. While, to participate in the feast of Zhulv, one of whom drunk, withdraw from leave, Liu Zhang to catch up, drew his sword and beheaded this man, also reported to the Queen Mother, said: "There is one person escaped wine and go, I will be his Israeli law at the cut! "Empress and people are all about surprise, but he has agreed to monitor the wine Israeli law, he will not be punished. Since then, Zhulv are afraid Zhu virtual Hou Liu Zhang, even if the court lords have relied on him, Liu clan forces thereby enhanced.

 the future will be, What kind of life do not need to, look to know

Empress exclusive right for fifteen years, to the end of the world, and charged Lu production, Lv Lu said, we Lu autocratic, ministers are dissatisfied, I die, you must take the imperial guards military power grab, otherwise I am afraid to change. Empress died, leaving Testament: amnesty, ordered Lu Wang Lu producing countries relative to Lu Lu's daughter Queen.

However, the unexpected outbreak of apparent gang fight Lu lack of experience, military power or to be cheated Zhou Bo, Lu cleaned those ministers founding. However, this time the minister did not dare to take over the throne, as the reason when the minister on behalf of the crowned king, his men lieutenant said Song Chang, Liu regime after numerous struggles of princes come and play, and all the tetrarch Liu Wang are also children, strong force, the implementation of the policy has been the support of the people, so the army also yearned for Liu. This is the root cause of Lu not to usurp power.

see the history happened next, we have to look back once again made by Liu Bang, that was said. He wanted to waste the time of Prince Liu Ying, for now, not just because they do not like, and certainly there are deep-rooted autocratic Empress consider this aspect, he knew Liu Ying to the throne, but certainly do Empress, Empress is what kind of person, Liu certainly crystal clear, but can they do it, the woman is half of the sky Yeah. But in employing, Liu Bang but firmly grasp his major policies can not be changed, the same general direction, the world will not become people, people change, the world will have to be Liu's. Among these there may be twists and turns, just like Liu said when evaluating the phases of Cao said only "can" a word, you can rest assured of a Tomb said, "and then less stupid (zhuàng, honest and upright) "I do not know work, so they need help Chen Ping. Ann Liu later said Zhou Bo can, he really did it, and cooperate with Chen Ping. Of course, which in turn ultimately Falluja this person's advice, matchmaking.

 the future will be, What kind of life do not need to, look to know

a lot of people are paranoid own future will not be as high officials, fortune, fortune to find this point of view, to find that fortune-telling look, right next to find a good, to put it nicely of their own will be very happy, he did not sound good himself unhappy. In fact, those which need it, can not get things done, look to know that he is what kind of person, shall he not known it? If he is what people themselves do not know, but also with wishful thinking into what happened to you? Is such a simple truth: thing because people to watch people governor . As the saying goes, to do something, first person, people well, things will naturally become. The famous profit to raise these things, not the pursuit come, but something to follow, and made a big thing, how much of this there is accessories. Many people are often quick success, simply go to the pursuit of wealth status, this is the wrong priorities, even if can get, but also easy to lose, and even evil. Therefore, the path to success has always been honest man honest work, and most people think of one step, asking for the moon, which is why the world or ordinary people more reasons.